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The Sierre-Vissoie road reopens on Monday April 29 at 5:00 pm! Please obey the traffic lights. And we look forward to seeing you out and about on two wheels.



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The origins of the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School lie in two historical milestones ...

The Grimentz Swiss Ski School was founded in 1959 and the Zinal Swiss Ski School in 1967.

These two schools have accompanied generations of future skiers, and we're always happy to hear your memories when you drop by our offices.

It was during the 2013-2014 season, exactly 10 years ago* now, that these two independent entities merged to give birth to a single, dynamic school, synchronizing their evolution with the bold project of the Grimentz-Zinal ski lifts, which built a cable car to link our two ski areas, crowned this season by the Weisshorn space.


*Text written in October 2023

In October 2023, our school celebrated its tenth anniversary, date of the merger of our two entities

Ten years of our school in a few figures...

In terms of achievements

10 different prospectuses // 10 weeks of in-house training // 7 website versions
// 2 online sales platforms // 1 mobile application for teachers //
3 years for the creation of the ski school's bike branch //

Also in terms of participations

1 Valais Swiss Ski School Championship in 2016 // over 40 participations by our two Snowli mascots in the Fondues LUNE runs in the Grimentz area // around 3,100 payslips, 1,000 worn red jackets, a few medals // 30 torchlit runs // 1,150 days of operation over the past 10 years // 6 Snowli costumes and as many medal awards as children present // 2 snowgarden arches // over 50 red socks to secure the snowgarden and welcome seasonal gluts. .. //

and above all, the smiles and laughter of the children who have been with us
for over ten years.

THANK YOU to all of you, without you we wouldn't be here.


Our slogan, the ésmotion for generations, or in other words, emotions put into motion.

The aim of our school is to make you love snow sports, to enable you to discover new sensations and new ways of sliding, in complete safety.


The special feature of this ski area is that it unites two mountain sides, one by its village and the other by a summit on the Zinal side at 2441m.

Our school looks forward to welcoming you on both sides of the mountain, thanks to the Grimentz / Zinal ski lifts.


At the heart of our approach are values that resonate deeply with the beauty and authenticity of the Val d'Anniviers.

As a Swiss Ski School, we are committed to working with all the local players in our valley.

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