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The Sierre-Vissoie road reopens on Monday April 29 at 5:00 pm! Please obey the traffic lights. And we look forward to seeing you out and about on two wheels.



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We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you on the slopes soon!

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A moment of complicity enhanced by a technique to ease movements and gain confidence.

Our instructors work with you to establish your comfort level on the snow.

Of course, our senior lessons are all about you, but above all, we're here to help you overcome your fears and improve your skills. We explain,... We don't want you to think you can't do it, but we'll provide you with solutions and strategies tailored to your own needs.

With us, you'll develop new routines, a new rhythm, a new way of descending, your new style of skiing in tune with you, today. What's important to us is the first step, whether you're on the slopes in the morning, or you've just decided to put on your skis - that's where the adventure begins.

Optional ESS COURS PROTECT insurance.

NB: The lift pass is not included in the price of the course.

Booking online


Ski~Mojo is an exoskeleton that absorbs shocks and vibrations, considerably reducing the strain on joints.

If you remember the fairy tale "The Boots of Seven Leagues", that's what it's all about.

With ski-mojo, you can ski like you did at the start of your skiing career, you can go out with friends again from 9:00 to 16:00, you can enjoy being outdoors again, and you can put an end to all those little fears you used to have about all those complex movements (knees, hips and back).


The course starts directly at the sports store in your chosen area. Your instructor will welcome you and fit you out with the exoskeleton, and explain how it works in a warm environment.

Then it's time to explore the structure together. You can share your impressions and explore together the limits of the Ski~Mojo, snowplough turns, parallel turns, short turns, jumps, braking, chairlifts, ski lifts... Your session ends in the store with the return of your seven-league boots.

Ski~Mojo can be purchased at the end of your discovery session.

For this package
Private lesson from 13:30 to 16:00 + rental equipment (CHF 55.00)
information and booking directly in our offices or ski-mojo sports stores.

I book my Mojo

A Grimentz auprès de DO SPORTS A Zinal auprès de Zinal Sports

To find out more about the equipment in question, you can visit the manufacturer here, right here


We offer these lessons during the low season (except during school vacations) or at 9:00 a.m. first thing in the morning, after which there are too many people on the slopes.

The stress generated by the world and other speed-hungry users is perfectly normal and understandable, which is why we invite you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the off-season.

As adults, we've experienced enough of life's little hassles, and today, the days of absolute performance and efficiency at all costs are over - time for you, for you.

Free yourself and feel free to take over the ski area with your creative tracks for a confident, well-supervised moment of recreation.


In everyday life, your tempo is more like?

Largo, the slowest or Larghetto, only slightly faster....
Lento, slow or more Adagio? like someone who takes their time, but in a more playful way.
Or do you feel Andante, Andantino, Moderato? A personality that likes to moderate itself.
Or are you more of an Allegretto, Allegro style, with a quicker temperament, but not as Vivace? Lively as lightning, or do Presto, Prestissimo, suit you to a large extent?

Our instructors will be happy to harmonize with your rhythm throughout your lesson session to ensure a melodious experience.

For this formula
Private lessons from 09:00 to 10:15 (recommended)
or at a time of your choice


This one-morning private lesson, specially adapted to your tempo and expectations, takes place throughout the Grimentz/Zinal ski area.

And for lunch, you can choose to have it in one of the resort's high-altitude restaurants, in the company of your instructor.

For this package
Private lesson from 09:00 to 11:00 + meal (skier's plate) until 13:00 in the restaurant of your choice.

(equipment rental not included)


  • Rate: From CHF 92.00
  • Level: from beginner to advanced
  • Age: from 18 years

Would you like to discover the hidden facets and unsuspected potential of your riding equipment?

Whatever your level, our instructors/triecs will help you (re)discover the joys of skiing and snowboarding, with teaching focused on pleasure, sensations and technique, so you can progress with confidence on all types of terrain.


From the forest to the peaks of the magnificent mountains that crown the Val d'Anniviers, we offer a wide range of options, from beginners' courses to excursions.

Set off on an adventure and discover little-traveled paths, to satisfy your desire to get off the beaten track.

Our advanced courses come in a range of formulas to suit your needs.

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