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The Sierre-Vissoie road reopens on Monday April 29 at 5:00 pm! Please obey the traffic lights. And we look forward to seeing you out and about on two wheels.



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We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you on the slopes soon!

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Mr. Salamin Guillaume, School Director, and Ms. Bürgi Marie-Laure, Head of School in Zinal represent the management of ESS GRIMENTZ-ZINAL.

Throughout the season, they will be happy to provide you with information directly at the meeting points before the start of group lessons, on the slopes or in our offices.



Is the ski pass included in the price of the group or private lessons ?

No, the daily or weekly lift pass must be purchased individually.


How do I book a ski lesson ?

You can book via the online application, by e-mail or directly at our offices.

How do I find out my ski/snowboard level ?

Please consult the dedicated page on this site, page -> levels info.

In which level should I enrol my child ?

Is it in the level following his/her last medal or in the level of the medal obtained?

Always in the level following the medal obtained. Example: My child has won the blue queen / king medal. I'm still enrolling him/her in blue but in the STAR level.

Can my child join the group classes during the week ?

We accept registrations for group lessons until Tuesday morning.
After this date, we offer private lessons to ensure that the groups are homogeneous.

What is ESS COURS PROTECT insurance ?

We offer this insurance to make it easier for you to change a booking in the event of closure of the facilities, accident or illness. To find out more, please consult the dedicated page.


Do children need to bring their own skis ?

Yes, our ski passes do not include equipment or the RMGZ season / day pass.

Are group lessons given in French, German and English ?

Our instructors speak all three languages and we try to form homogeneous groups, taking into account the language spoken by the children.
However, level takes precedence over language. If you would like a course in your child's language only, please take private lessons.

Will my child be fed at lunchtime ?

As soon as the group lessons are over, the children return to their parents to eat with the family.

Can I enrol my child in the morning AND afternoon group classes ?

The two classes cannot be combined. In our experience, children are tired from Tuesday onwards. We only open classes from 13:30 to 16:00 during busy periods, such as Carnival, when the morning classes are full.


Do I need to bring/rent poles for the Snow Garden or Prince-Princess Blue League courses ?

Yes, we prefer your children to have all the equipment so that they can work with it.

Are helmets compulsory for snow lessons ?

We're not in a position to impose helmets, so participants are free to choose whether or not to wear one. But it is strongly recommended for children, as they have no concept of speed.

Should I put cream on my child ?

Please note that all the courses take place between 2,100m and 3,000m altitude and that exposure to the sun combined with the snow increases UV rays.



Do I have to accompany my child to the start of the course and at the end come back to Bendolla or Sorebois to collect him/her, depending on the sector ?

Yes, we ask you to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the start AND end of the lessons so that we can collect your children.

Our instructors only have half a break for lunch. The group lesson lasts 145 minutes to allow them to leave the meeting point by 12:55 at the latest.

Where is the meeting point for group lessons on Monday mornings?

Either at BENDOLLA in the Grimentz sector, or at SOREBOIS in the Zinal sector. For more information, please consult the page
meeting times and locations.

Where is the meeting point for private lessons?

Depending on the timetable, 09:00 at the departure point of the cable car in the village of Grimentz or the one in Zinal from 10:30 at the various meeting points in BENDOLLA or SOREBOIS. For more information, please consult the timetables and meeting points page.

Do the children need to bring food with them?

We offer a snack to children enrolled in group classes. They can, of course, carry a chocolate bar or other snack in their pockets.

Can my child bring a backpack?

For reasons of comfort, safety and the smooth running of the course, rbackpacks are not accepted during our lesson.

(They must be left in a safe place by you for the duration of the lessons and remain the responsibility of the parents (except during freeride lessons, to carry the necessary equipment).


When does the slalom take place ?

On Friday mornings, on two different courses for the Blue/Red and Black League levels.

When are the medals awarded ?

We ask parents to come to the meeting point at 12:45 on Fridays so that they can attend the medal ceremony for each group.

Can I join the group classes during the week ?

We accept registrations for group classes until Tuesday morning. After this date, we will offer you private lessons to ensure that the groups are as homogeneous as possible.

Can I add another participant to a private lesson ?

You can add an extra student to a private lesson, ideally at the same level. You must inform the office so that it is clear to all parties.

What happens if I have two different levels in a private lesson ?

The instructor adapts the pace of the lesson to the lower level. In group lessons, if your children want to be together, the lower level determines which class to follow.


Get a head start by using our online booking platform, but if you want to book by email, find out how on this page.

Tips from Miss Dent-Blanche:
Booking online allows you to benefit from a 5% discount on the total amount of your bookings
(48 hours in advance, not applicable in our offices).

General terms

All obligations relating to the sale.

Our general terms and conditions govern the sale of courses and are inherent to all the services offered by the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School. Generally speaking, we also call on the responsibility of each of the parties who understand what is at stake.


We would like to draw your attention to our complementary insurance ESS COURS PROTECT.

Cancellation insurance costs CHF 5 per day, per course and per person. When you make your booking by e-mail or at the office, let us know if we can add this insurance to protect your course investment.

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