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The Sierre-Vissoie road reopens on Monday April 29 at 5:00 pm! Please obey the traffic lights. And we look forward to seeing you out and about on two wheels.



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Do you dream of elegant, dynamic turns with absolute freedom?

Telemark skiing, the ancestor of skiing, whose origins lie in Norway, offers you an exciting alternative to skiing. The sensation of free heel has already fascinated many.

Try it out for the first time or hone your skills in a private lesson that will allow you to join the world of professionals.

Our instructors will be delighted to introduce you to this choreography combining technique and dexterity, so you can take to the slopes on a new sliding machine.

Optional ESS COURS PROTECT insurance.

NB: The lift pass is not included in the price of the course.



Want to learn more about this sliding technique, unravel the mystery of skiing's ancestor or simply understand how it works?

Telemark is the ultimate sliding sport, requiring discipline, coordination and physical strength.

Our instructors will be delighted to teach you the basics of this sliding sport, and for the initiated, they'll provide you with the practical know-how to perfect your technique.

And for the initiated, they'll give you the practical know-how to perfect your skills and enable you to be as creative as Sondre Norheim, winner of the discipline we now call freestyle skiing.

For children, Black League ski level is required.

Give meaning to your movements

A wide range of options is available for this age-old sport.

Depending on the schedule, 75-minute sessions or 150-minute combos are available, see 5 x 75-minute packages.



For children, Black League ski level is required.

Our experienced instructors will be happy to teach you the basics.

Private lessons | from age 12


see timetable

Where does this ancient art come from?

The ancestor of telemark skiing as we know it today dates back to the 19th century and originated in the county of the same name in Norway.

The county of Telemark, whose highest peak is around 1,800 m, is located in southeastern Norway.

Its hilly landscape, snow-covered during the cold season, is made up of numerous hills and valleys, very rugged and heterogeneous, dotted with small mayens similar to those in our region.

It was in this region that a Norwegian with a passion for snow sports and downhill skiing demonstrated his ingenuity....

The year was 1868, and Sondre Norheim, a carpenter by trade and an accomplished skier in his forties, was the first to come up with a solution for skiing down to the village.

For him, skiing was a natural way to get around. But the steep, narrow slope leading up to the village was, for the time being, impassable with the traditional skis of the time. An excellent craftsman, he decided to build his own skis, using two strips of wood, which he made "wasp-waisted", shorter than the current standard. He then developed his first flexible binding system, made of wicker, with a free heel to enable him to move more easily between slopes.

Then, by dint of a lot of bending and thinking, he found a way to turn and stop. It was this famous free heel that enabled him to make shorter movements, turn between the fir trees and reach his village without walking.


The sports stores in Grimentz and Zinal, as well as those in the valley, stock telemark skis and boots.

In order to protect the joints of future telemark skiers, we accept children from the age of 12 who wish to learn how to bend.



Sur le versant de Grimentz
Le rendez-vous des cours privés est à Bendolla devant le meeting point, à quelques pas  du restaurant.

Sur le versant de Zinal
Le rendez-vous des cours privés est à Sorebois devant le cabane ESS, à quelques pas de la sortie intermédiaire de la télécabine.

IMPORTANT : Pour la première heure de cours à 09:00, le rendez-vous du cours privé se situe au départ de la télécabine soit de Grimentz, soit de Zinal.


Voir les lieux de rdv

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All our private lessons


  • Rate: from CHF 92.00
  • Level: All levels
  • Age: From 3 years

From beginner to advanced, private lessons allow you to experience new gliding sensations, to gain speed with ease and confidence on varied terrain.

We recommend private lessons for anyone who wants a course that focuses on the individual and his or her own personal development.


  • Rate: From CHF 92.00
  • Level: All levels
  • Age: From 8 years

With both feet firmly planted on the snowboard in comfortable boots, we invite you to try out the different possibilities offered by the board's varied curves and freestyle flexibility.

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