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The Sierre-Vissoie road reopens on Monday April 29 at 5:00 pm! Please obey the traffic lights. And we look forward to seeing you out and about on two wheels.



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For all persons who have taken out ESS COURS PROTECT insurance, ESS Grimentz-Zinal undertakes to reschedule and/or replace lessons missed during the customer's stay, subject to availability, and, where applicable, to reimburse missed lessons in accordance with the general terms and conditions below and the general terms and conditions governing all our services.

The customer is free to take out this insurance for all the services offered by the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School. This additional insurance is offered when you book online and will appear on your booking confirmation as OPTION (1).

When you book at our offices in Grimentz and Zinal, our staff will ask you whether or not you wish to take out this insurance. This insurance is not retroactive.

If the ski area is closed for all or part of the day due to a storm or other extraordinary event, all lessons will be cancelled for safety reasons, with no possibility of refund. If you take out insurance, we can either reschedule or refund the course if a replacement cannot be found.

ESS Grimentz-Zinal accepts no responsibility for any incidents or accidents that may occur during lessons. As a student and client of our school, you accept the risks involved in snow sports. Participants are responsible for their own accident and liability insurance.

The general conditions below govern the ESS COURS PROTECT complementary insurance.

This document is available for consultation on our website, at our points of sale and on our online sales platform. This insurance is valid during your stay and not in the event of cancellation of your stay.

Only the French, up-to-date and complete version of this document is valid.



"Cours Protect" is a supplementary insurance policy offered to customers to insure courses purchased from ESS Grimentz-Zinal in the event of accident or illness during your stay or for medical reasons prior to your stay, or when the courses do not take place due to the complete closure of the Grimentz - Zinal ski area.

1. Insurer
The insurer is ESS Grimentz-Zinal, which offers an insurance service under the brand name "Cours Protect".

2. Policyholder
The policyholder is a customer who has taken out "Cours Protect" insurance when booking a course with ESS Grimentz-Zinal. The subscription is also available on our online sales platform.

3. Insured services
"Cours Protect" only insures courses booked and already paid for with ESS Grimentz-Zinal.

4. Premium amount
CHF 5.00 ( five ) per day, per person, per service (group course, private course, etc.).

5. Validity of the insurance
The insurance is valid from the date of purchase and, more specifically, during the period of the course days purchased at ESS Grimentz-Zinal. In the case of multiple bookings, only courses for which the protect course option has been ticked are covered by "Cours Protect".

6. Purpose of the contract
The insurer guarantees pro rata reimbursement or replacement of the missed course(s) according to the conditions below.

7. Insurance conditions
“Cours Protect” provides the services mentioned above in the following situations:
In the event of an accident involving the insured person, upon presentation of a medical certificate drawn up by the Vissoie medical center or any other competent authorities during the validity period of the insurance.
In the event of illness of the insured person, upon presentation of a medical certificate drawn up by the Vissoie medical center or any other competent authorities during the validity period of the insurance.
In the event of complete closure of the Grimentz-Zinal ski area and only if moving the course (location, date, time) is not feasible for the insurer.

Reimbursement on a pro rata basis or replacement of courses must be made directly to the ESS offices in Grimentz or Zinal during the insured person's stay. Only cases of illness or accident that do not allow the insured person or their loved ones to travel can be settled later by mail or email.

9. Legal bases
This contract is subject to Swiss law and the legal venue is in Sierre.
The provisions of the Federal Law on Insurance Contracts (LCA) as well as the Code of Obligations (CO) are also applicable.

10. Coverage Exclusions
All situations other than those mentioned under point 7 (seven).
State of intoxication, use of drugs, narcotics, or medication not prescribed by a doctor. Intentional and fraudulent acts, suicide, attempted suicide or self-mutilation. Conscious non-observance of official prohibitions.


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All obligations relating to the sale.

Our general terms and conditions govern the sale of courses and are inherent to all the services offered by the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School. Generally speaking, we also call on the responsibility of each of the parties who understand what is at stake.

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