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The Sierre-Vissoie road reopens on Monday April 29 at 5:00 pm! Please obey the traffic lights. And we look forward to seeing you out and about on two wheels.



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General terms and conditions

This document is available for free consultation on our websites, at our points of sale and on our online sales platform. Only the French, up-to-date and complete version of this document is binding.

The total cost of our services is due when you book via our online booking platform or directly at our offices in Grimentz or Zinal. Payment validates your registration for our services. Our services have a cost and we never discuss our posted prices.


These general terms and conditions govern the sale of courses and all services offered by the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School (ESS Grimentz-Zinal).

This document is freely available for consultation on our websites, at our points of sale and on our online sales platform.

Only the current and complete French version of this document is binding.


The general terms and conditions of the supplementary insurance ESS COURS PROTECT form an integral part of this contract of sale.


The total cost of our services is due when you book via our online booking platform or directly at our offices in Grimentz and Zinal. Payment validates your registration. The services offered by ESS Grimentz-Zinal have a cost.
Our work is done with passion and pleasure; under no circumstances do we discuss the price of courses. Each service is always paid for at the posted cash price.
Confirmed services are only valid for the dates and times
on the ESS Grimentz-Zinal booking form.
Lessons will not be refunded or exchanged if the customer is absent or late for the lesson.
Lessons take place in all weathers. Weather conditions
are under no circumstances a reason for cancellation or postponement, as long as the activity is provided by ESS Grimentz-Zinal. No refunds, substitutions or compensation are due.

Throughout the season, our staff will do their utmost to satisfy your requests within the limits of the places available.
During busy weeks, we recommend that you book your lessons at least one month before the date of your stay.
No instructor is allocated to a specific client, except for exceptional reasons. ESS Grimentz-Zinal reserves the right to modify bookings at any time for organisational reasons.
No bookings can be made by telephone.
Bookings can be made by e-mail or via our online sales platform "Swiss ski school". There is a 48-hour waiting period for all online bookings.
When booking online or by email, you may be asked to confirm your booking. Please keep the email on your mobile.

At ESS Grimentz-Zinal, prices are displayed and respected.
The school reserves the right to change its prices at any time.
The price per person includes all taxes and is quoted in Swiss francs (CHF).
The group course price is an all-inclusive offer of 5 days for the price of 4. As a result, the customer is not entitled to a refund or replacement of a missed day on a weekly booking.

We offer a 5% discount on our courses only when booked via the online platform. There is no discount for bookings made in person at one of our two offices or by e-mail.

All participants must be covered by accident and liability insurance.
As a student and client of our school, you accept the risks involved in snow sports. Accident and liability insurance is the responsibility of each participant.
ESS Grimentz-Zinal accepts no responsibility for any incident or accident occurring before, during or after lessons.

Any booking may be modified or cancelled by both parties (with or without ESS COURS PROTECT insurance) no later than 7 days before the start of the course.
In the event of cancellation or modification of a booking after this deadline and for any other reasons or incidents beyond the control of the company and/or the customer and not covered by these general terms and conditions, ESS Grimentz-Zinal is not obliged to reimburse the customer for the service(s) provided.

ESS COURS PROTECT insurance, available when you purchase our courses, guarantees the replacement of missed lessons or the reimbursement of the amount paid on a pro rata basis and in accordance with the LCA conditions in force.
In the event of accident or illness, only on presentation of a medical certificate.
In the event of a complete closure of the Grimentz-Zinal ski area lift facilities.
ESS COURSES PROTECT insurance covers your course for the duration of your stay. In the event of cancellation due to events occurring outside the dates mentioned on the booking confirmation and for reasons other than those listed above, ESS Grimentz-Zinal will not make any refunds.

If you do not take out ESS COURS PROTECT insurance, we will not refund or replace your lessons.
People who have not taken out ESS COURS PROTECT insurance may not claim any refund from us and are responsible, if necessary, for taking out their own insurance.
For people who have taken out ESS COURS PROTECT insurance, which is available when they purchase our lessons (online, via our ceiling form or directly at our two sales points), the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School undertakes to reschedule and/or replace lessons missed during the customer's stay, subject to availability, and, if necessary, to reimburse missed lessons in accordance with the conditions in force.
Reimbursement - on a pro rata temporis basis, on presentation of supporting documents and in accordance with the general conditions governing insurance - is made on the net amount paid by the customer, after deduction of the amount of cancellation insurance and the 5% discount in the case of an online booking.
In the event of reimbursement by bank transfer, ESS Gmentz-Zinal reserves the right to have 45 days in which to do so, once the request has been made.

The parties will endeavour to resolve amicably any difficulties that may arise in the performance of the contract.
For any disputes or litigation arising in connection with the services offered by the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School, and if no agreement can be reached between the parties, only Swiss law is applicable to this contract.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School is Sierre.



Lift passes
Lift passes are not included in our prices. Please bring the appropriate lift pass for yourself and your children.
Skiing equipment

We do not supply any equipment. Please contact the appropriate sports stores. ESS Grimentz-Zinal accepts no responsibility for the reliability of participants' equipment.

As a student and client of our school, you accept the risks involved in snow sports. Participants are responsible for their own accident and liability insurance.
ESS Grimentz-Zinal declines all responsibility for incidents and accidents.

Torchlight descent
The torchlight descent is reserved for people with a good level of skiing (Red Star). Children are the responsibility of their parents throughout the descent. All participants are responsible for their own insurance, and ESS Grimentz-Zinal can in no way be held responsible for the improper use of torches or for any other damage or accidents that may occur during the descent.

Childcare on the slopes in Grimentz
Our staff look after children aged 2 and over.
The nursery is located in Bendolla at the top of the Grimentz gondola.
It welcomes children from 10:00 to 16:00, except during the low season, when times may vary. Fees are charged by the hour and must be paid in cash on site.


During peak periods, ESS Grimentz-Zinal has a more limited number of private hours to reserve, and sets a student quota for group lessons due to high demand.

In periods of low demand, ESS Grimentz-Zinal reserves the right to reduce the duration of group lessons depending on the number of registrations (quota not met).

When registering for private lessons, please note that participants must be of a similar age and level.

The instructor is not obliged to wait for latecomers, nor to adjust the course schedule accordingly.
Time spent on the lifts and waiting for departures is an integral part of the lesson.
During busy periods, you may have to wait longer at the departure lifts. We do our utmost to avoid these inconveniences, but can in no way be held responsible.

All private lessons from 09:00 start at the Grimentz gondola or at the
Grimentz or from the Zinal gondola.

From 10:00, lessons start at :
for Grimentz at Bendolla (at the top of the gondola)
for Zinal at Sorebois (intermediate gondola stop).

Participants are requested to arrive at the meeting point on time.


We welcome children :
from the age of 3 in ski lessons at the "jardin des neiges" or in private lessons.
from 8 years upwards in snowboard lessons, group or private.

Snowgarden | Snowgarden
The two snowgardens in the Grimentz and Zinal areas are safe and supervised by our instructors.

The Grimentz snowgarden has a permanent team of instructors on duty 7/7 from 10:00 to 12:45 and in high season also from 13:30 to 14:45. The instructor's daily or weekly fee is payable in full, even if the child only takes part in the lesson for half a day, or even for just one hour a day.

The Zinal snowgarden has a permanent instructor on duty 7/7 from 10:45 - 12:45. The weekly service is a block lesson of 4 or 5 x 2 hours.

Children's group lessons - Ski | Snowboard
On Mondays, to ensure that groups are evenly distributed, lessons may start a little late and the maximum number of participants may be exceeded. Group lessons last 145 minutes; however, slight delays may occur in special cases due to weather conditions or incidents. We thank you for your indulgence.
The group course must be completed at least 4 days to be validated (logbook and medal). We welcome participants from Monday or Tuesday to Thursday or Friday. No registration is possible after Wednesday. Group courses cannot overlap two weeks.

Class composition
As far as possible in group ski and snowboard lessons, we create small, homogeneous classes. We group students by level, language and age. However, we may not always be able to respect this rule. We do our utmost to rectify any significant differences between the first and second day of lessons.

In the event of a booking in a level that is not suitable for the child's level, ESS Grimentz-Zinal reserves the right to move the student to the level that actually corresponds to the child's level, subject to availability. The customer is not entitled to any reimbursement or compensation for these changes.

Duration of group lessons
If a class does not reach the minimum number of participants, the duration of the lesson is reduced as it becomes the equivalent of a semi-private or private lesson.

ESS Grimentz-Zinal reserves the right to reduce the original lesson duration of 5 x 145 min. according to the following schedule:

1 - 2 people 5 x 75 min.         3 - 4 people 5 x 115 min.

Private lessons
ESS Grimentz-Zinal undertakes to honor the type of service booked by the customer, but no instructor is definitively assigned. Private lessons are only confirmed after payment. In order to guarantee priority access to the facilities, the maximum number of participants is 4.

Instructor attribution
ESS Grimentz-Zinal reserves the right to change the instructor without notice if the booking is for a single 75-minute period or for any other organizational reason.

Package booking
To guarantee the same instructor, multiple lesson bookings take precedence over single lesson bookings.
Consecutive bookings of 5 x 75 min. and 5 x 150 min. with the same schedule have priority.
These package deals cannot be separated; if this is the case, no guarantee of the same instructor is possible, and the package rate can no longer be applied.



Get a head start by using our online booking platform, but if you want to book by email, find out how on this page.

Tips from Miss Dent-Blanche:
Booking online allows you to benefit from a 5% discount on the total amount of your bookings
(48 hours in advance, not applicable in our offices).


This page lists the most frequently asked questions about our lessons and services.
Don't hesitate to send us an email if you need any further information.


We would like to draw your attention to our complementary insurance ESS COURS PROTECT.

Cancellation insurance costs CHF 5 per day, per course and per person. When you make your booking by e-mail or at the office, let us know if we can add this insurance to protect your course investment.

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